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For 3 generations, our family has been producing pastured beef and vegetables on over 200 acres of certified organic land using traditional farming methods.  Our number one goal is to produce the absolute healthiest food possible while having the greatest possible beneficial impact on our environment.  As we learn and grow, we're continually testing new techniques and improving the way we farm.

Currently, we produce 100% grass fed beef using a leading edge method of pasturing called rotational grazing.  This results in healthier beef for our customers while constantly increasing the fertility of the soil on our land.  We also have two large gardens that produce a variety vegetables and fruit using techniques designed to maximize nutrition while enhancing the health of our soil and environment.

Our 100% Grass-Fed Beef

Here at Brookfront Farms, we recognize that the happier and stress-free the lives of our cows, the healthier the food they become for our customers.  This is why raise our cows on their natural diets of nothing but fresh green pasture.  The method of pasturing we use is called rotational grazing, which maximizes the health of the cows and their beneficial impact on the environment.

Our cattle are organically raised without hormones or antibiotics, and are fed nothing but fresh grass (no grains ever).  We are passionate about creating a better future by farming sustainably and being good stewards of the land, and dedicated to providing people in surrounding cities with the healthiest and tastiest beef in the world.

Rotational Grazing: Maximizing Nutrition & Environmental Benefit

In recent years, we've learned about a method of raising livestock on grass called rotational grazing and have been using it on our farm.

Rotational grazing, also called intensive rotational grazing, mob grazing or holistic managed grazing, is a system of land management where ruminant and non-rumanant animals are regularly moved too fresh paddocks of land with the intent to maximize quality and quantity of plant growth.[1]  You can call us cattle farmers, but in a sense we are actually grass farmers: By focusing on producing the healthiest grass possible, we in turn raise healthy cows.

One of the main goals of rotational grazing is to have a form of ground cover over the grazed areas at all times and to prevent the complete removal of all vegetative matter aka "bare dirt"[2][3][4]

Everyday we move our cows to a fresh new area of land called a paddock and while they are graziing on the fresh young plants, the rest of our land is rejuvenating.  The recovering land is renewing energy reserves, rebuilding shoot systems and deepening root systems - all of which result in maximum long-term biomass production.[5]

Thanks to the increased productivity of our grasses due to our rotational grazing system, our fields provide all the nutritional requirements for our cattle without the need for any kind of supplementation.

The Daily Cattle Rotation

In the spring, summer and fall, we begin our days early by herding the cows out to the lush green fields of Brookfront Farms.  Our next task is to trudge through the dewey, waist-high fields of grass, reeling out our electric fences and creating brand new area of pastures of fresh green grass for the cows to graze on.  Then we reel out our line once more, setting up a new grazing area for the cows to graze on the following day.

For our cows, the grass really is greener on the other side.  As for us... we get wet coveralls (and sometimes wet socks).

Sustainable Fruit and Vegetable Production

Since our goal is to produce the healthiest food we can for your and your family, we've been researching for years and are constantly testing new ideas to see how we can improve the quality of food we produce.  Currently we grow our produce using two unique methods and they have been producing more and better quality plants every year: Woodchip Gardens and Leaf compost gardens (locally sourced from Waterloo Region).

Woodchip Gardens

We were first introduced to the idea of growing vegetables and fruit in woodchip gardens while watching the documentary Back to Eden.  The film demonstrates that by completely covering the top surface of the soil in a garden with a thin layer of woodchips, gardening becomes easier, healthier and ecologically sustainable. Here are some of the benefits of woodchip gardening:

  • Increased Yields
  • Increased Nutrition
  • Less Watering/Irrigation
  • Less Weeding
  • No Fertilizer Needed
  • No Pesticides or Herbicides Needed

Leaf Compost Gardens

Ever notice how tough and fibrous leaves and leaf stems can be? That's because they're rich in minerals and make for one of the absolute best composts for gardens. After learning about the benefits of leaf compost and how it can produce vegetables that are vastly superior in taste, quality and nutrition, the team of farmers at Brookfront Farms wanted to put their learning into practise. So in 2016 and 2017, Brookfront Farms obtained all of the leaf compost from the entire Waterloo Region. First they sifted out anything that wasn't a leaf and then gave the insects, bacteria and other microorganisms time to break it down into incredibly rich soil.

Then they organized the rich new soil into long rows spanning about 150 feet in length, 10 feet wide and 5 feet tall and have been growing a large variety of fresh vegetables for their farm store. The growth rates of the plants and response from customers at Brookfront have been so impressive that the farmers plan to do the same thing next year - and maybe even make obtaining the leaf compost from Waterloo Region a yearly tradition.

Waterloo region composting at brookfront farms

A big thanks to the people of waterloo region for working with us to turn your leaves into delicious, healthy food.

Visit The Brookfront Farm Store

Located at 2053 Bridge Street in New Dundee, Ontario, the Brookfront Farm Store is open Wednesday through Saturday.  Bring your family and friends and you'll get to see our farming practises in person.  You'll not only get yourself some food that's made the healthiest way possible, but you'll be teaching your children where food comes from and how to produce it sustainably.

  • New Dundee is about a 20 minute drive from Kitchener
  • We accept cash, debit and credit cards
  • Don't forget your cooler to keep your beef frozen on the drive home

Farm Store Hours:

Until spring, the Brookfront Farm Store will be open by appointment only.  Contact us to reserve your spot today!


Brookfront Farm Store
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