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On this page, you'll learn how we produce our 100% grass fed beef, as well as our pesticide-free vegetables.  Our farming methods have been refined over decades of experience, and the overall effect is the building of topsoil and regeneration of the land.  Today, our land is more fertile and healthier than it has ever been!

Our 100% Grass Fed Beef

It has long been recognized that the happier and stress-free the lives of cattle and other grazing animals, the healthier and more nutrient-dense the animals will be as food.  This is why we let our cows roam freely through our fields, where they have access to sunshine, fresh air, and fresh green pasture.

The grazing method we use is called rotational grazing, which was developed to maximize the health of the cows and their beneficial impact on the land.

Our cattle are organically raised without hormones or antibiotics, and are fed nothing but fresh grass (no grains, ever!).  We are passionate about creating a better future by farming regeneratively and being good stewards of the land, and dedicated to providing people in surrounding cities with the healthiest and tastiest beef in the world.

What is Rotational Grazing?

To maximize the beneficial impact our animals have on our land, we use a technique called rotational grazing, which involves rotating our animals every day to a new paddock of tall grass.

Rotational Grazing1 (1)

Photo Credit: townandcountrymagazine.com.au

Rotational grazing, also called intensive rotational grazing, mob grazing or holistic managed grazing, is a system of land management where ruminant and non-rumanant animals are regularly moved too fresh paddocks of land with the intent to maximize quality and quantity of plant growth.[1]  You can call us cattle farmers, but in a sense we are actually grass farmers: By focusing on producing the healthiest grass possible, we in turn raise healthy cows.

One of the main goals of rotational grazing is to have a form of ground cover over the grazed areas at all times and to prevent the complete removal of all vegetative matter aka "bare dirt"[2][3][4]

Everyday we move our cows to a fresh new area of land called a paddock and while they are graziing on the fresh young plants, the rest of our land is rejuvenating.  The recovering land is renewing energy reserves, rebuilding shoot systems and deepening root systems - all of which result in maximum long-term biomass production.[5]

Thanks to the increased productivity of our grasses due to our rotational grazing system, our fields provide all the nutritional requirements for our cattle without the need for any kind of supplementation.

Our Pesticide-Free Vegetables

The gardening technique we use to grow our vegetables at Brookfront Farm involves no tilling of the soil, and is called Back to Eden gardening.  What's wrong with tilling?

Tilling soil disrupts the intricate web of life that exists inside that soil, and ends up destroying the very things that make the soil healthy, including fungi, bacteria and insects.

Back to Eden Gardening

"Back to Eden Gardening is a no-till organic gardening method that uses wood chips to mulch a garden. By layering mulch on a garden, you promote soil health, beneficial organisms, up to 90% reduced irrigation, increased soil fertility, reduced weeds and reduced soil loss!," according to founder Paul Gautschi.

back to eden gardening

Photo Credit: backtoedenfilmcom

The result of using the Back to Eden gardening technique is a highly productive permaculture garden that produces incredibly healthy vegetables with little to no watering.  We love using this technique and have had great success using it to produce many of the seasonal vegetables we sell in our store.  Stop by our farm store today to try our fresh garden produce, our 100% grass fed beef and other healthy and delicious food.

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Our farm store is open to the public Monday to Friday from 10am-6pm, and Saturdays 10am to 4pm.


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