All-Beef Pepperoni

All beef pepperoni from Brookfront Farms

All-beef pepperoni in 8oz tubs and in approximately 6inch chubbs.

You asked for it and we made it happen!  In 2017, we’ve launched our new 100% grass-fed beef pepperoni product.

Our savory and tender pepperoni is made from the healthiest possible ingredients so you can be sure this tasty treat is benefitting you and your family’s health.

Why Brookfront Farms Pepperoni is The Best

The Pepperoni is made from our 100% grass fed beef and 100% organic spices.  That means cows are eating their natural diets of fresh, healthy grass and the spices are grown in nutrient-dense soil and never sprayed with any kind of toxic herbicide or pesticides. 

Two Packaging Options

Our grass-fed pepperoni is available in two packaging options.  The first is pre-sliced in 8oz containers.  This makes it easy and convenient for packing in lunches or as a snack on the go.


  • Pre-Sliced 8 oz Containers for $8.95
  • Approximately 6 inch chubb for $14/lb

How to Order

For anyone who lives within the Tri-cities Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and surrounding area we always encourage you to stop by and visit us in our new farm store.

We also have many customers that come from farther away like Toronto and Niagara Falls.  If you are living far away and want to ensure we have the product in stock for you before you come by, or to arrange a special time not during store hours to stop by and pick up your food, please email us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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