Beef Burger Patties

New in 2017!  Pick up your frozen pre-made burger patties at the Brookfront Farms store!

100% Grass Fed Beef Burger Patties in 2 lb packages (frozen)

We have two sizes of burger patties packages.

8 patties   1/4 lb each in a package for  $16.95  

6 patties   1/3 lb each in a package for   $16.95.

*Each package is 2 pounds of pure 100% grass fed beef (nothing added).  The packages are pre-packaged from our butcher with all the patties in the package of the same size, either 1/4 lb or 1/3 lb.   Of course, the 6-pack of 1/3lb patties are thicker and larger, but both sizes are equally delicious!