Nature’s Cargo Sea Salts

Natures Cargo Sea Salts

Natures Cargo Sacred Salts

Salt is Important

No matter how much mineral content animals derive from plants in their diet, they still instinctively seek out natural salt licks.  They do this in order to make their diets complete… or they die.

Humans are no different: salt is a vital dietary requirement in addition to that which is derived from food.

Table Salt vs. Unrefined Salt

Table Salt Contents:

  • 97.5% sodium chloride
  • Up to 2.5% chemical additives such as aluminum (anti-caking agent), dextrose (derived from GMO corn and used to make the salt free-flowing), Bleach, Potassium Iodide (an essential nutrient), Sodium Fluoride (which cancels out the use of the Potassium Iodide)

Table salt is created using a high-heat refining process that removes virtually all of the mineral content.  This process results in a product that barely resembles real salt found in nature. The addition of toxic chemicals, as well as changes in the mineral composition of refined salt, significantly change its effect in the body.

Unrefined Salt Contents:

  • 84% Sodium Chloride
  • 16% other minerals and trace elements in perfect proportions for the body

As Dr. Maynard Murray states in his book Fertility from the Ocean Deep, “The river of blood that sustains human beings is a copy of seawater. 90 trace elements in perfect solution.” When ocean water is dried at low temperatures, the resulting salt that is produced has a healing blend of vital minerals. This is the way that salt has been produced for thousands of years.

Nature’s Cargo Sea Salts are unrefined salt hand-harvested from the pristine coastal areas of Central America.  Sacred Salts contain a blend of the earth’s finest salts: black salts from the Hawaiian Islands, pink salts from the Himalayan mountains, crystal salts from the Pacific Ocean, and rose salts from the Andes mountains.

Coarse Salt (1lb)$6.50
Fine Salt (1lb)$10.00
Sacred Salt (1lb) $8.50
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