All-Beef Summer Sausage

Summer sausage from brookfront farms

Our all-beef summer sausage is back and it’s available year-round. Ingredients: 100% Grass-fed Beef Organic garlic Organic pepper Honey Unrefined sea salt Sodium Nitrite. Price: $35.00 for a 12 inch chubb $55.00 for a 18 inch chubb _ Contact us to order!

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Mini Sampler Beef Box

Mini Sampler Box of Beef

NEW!  Mini Sampler Box – $70 New in 2017!  We now have a mini sampler box of grassfed beef that includes just enough to let you try everything without filling your freezer. Includes: 1 Roast 1 Steak package 1 lb stewing beef 1 lb ground beef 1 lb cooking sausage Contact us to order!

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Crock Pot Beef Box

Crock Pot Beef

Beef dishes cook up wonderfully in the crock pot all year round.  We’ve selected beef cuts for this beef box that will make it easy to serve a good meal! Includes: 2 lbs of stewing beef 4 roasts (3-4 lbs each) 4-5 lbs of ground beef (varies with the size of the roasts) 1 package…

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Beef BBQ Box

bbq beef box from Brookfront Farms

NEW in 2017!  Check out our Mini BBQ Beef Box if you would like a smaller sample of the best beef cuts for the barbecue.  If you have your Grill On and some freezer space, we offer a Beef BBQ box of cuts that are perfect for the BBQ. The Beef BBQ Box Includes: An assortment…

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